New Year, New AquaQ

News Life At Data Intellect 9 Feb 2022

Data Intellect

January is the month of new beginnings, self care, and kickstarting a new you. The beginning of a fresh rotation around the sun presents the perfect opportunity to try ditch a bad habit or enrich yourself with new experiences. As a result of this, over January, we have been trying to encourage this betterment by providing helpful activities and prizes to boost the company as a whole.

Wellness Raffle

To combat the feeling that January never ends, we provided a weekly wellness raffle. The prizes encapsulated items to do with common new years resolutions – specifically those tailored towards wellness and mental health. Every Friday, everyone in the company was entered into a raffle for the chance to win a wellness gift. We used our Friday Stand Up call to pick the winner(s) (via a q script of course).

The prizes consisted of

  • Two copies of the Happy Pear: Vegan Cooking for Everyone
  • A £30 Hellofresh gift voucher
  • A one year subscription to headspace

Mindfulness Yoga Session

Taking inspiration from our January Wellness Raffle, we held an online Mindfulness Yoga class for Blue Monday!

The class was suitable for all levels, covering some breathing techniques, stretching, and meditation. We wanted everyone to take something away from the class and be able to apply it to their day to day job.

The session was enjoyed by all, and everyone came away feeling much more relaxed and refreshed. A massive thank you to Shemille Deschannel who ran the session and performed an excellent job of getting all involved feeling chilled out.

Monthly ThankQs

One thing I’m sure we can all get better at is acknowledging people and offering thanks to those who help us accomplish things. We at AquaQ have an internal method of acknowledging these people through our HR software, and we think it will be a good idea going forward to rise these outstanding people to fame through the company blog.

A big shout out and thank you to Alexander Cullen, Liam Dobson, and Andrew Wilson for all going above and beyond to help people get settled on new projects and making sure the onboarding process was as smooth as possible. Further appreciation is to be extended to the newest member of the human resources team Tommy Cheng, who has very quickly rose to tackle the vast responsibilities expected of himself within the AquaQ framework.

Now that we’ve had a positive start to the year, and the UK appearing to open up once more, the social committee have a lot of exciting plans up their sleeves for the coming months.

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