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News Life At Data Intellect 10 Mar 2022

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At this point in the year, New Years already feels like a distant memory – and statistically, almost all of us have given up on our New Year’s resolutions. It’s hardly surprising that New Years felt so long ago, with the state of current affairs, it’s difficult to remember Valentine’s Day (although that could also be due to the champagne and cocktails). In full February spirit, AquaQ tried its best to get loved up and rosy by showing appreciation to its wonderful employees last month.

Valentines Day

In order to celebrate Valentine’s Day, we purchased some stunning cupcakes from Luscious Cupcakes to treat people that made it into the office. The Dunmurry based business offers extreme customisation for cupcakes with regard to both flavours and designs. In the end, we settled on a variety of vanilla, chocolate, Kinder Bueno and white chocolate – as well as asking for the mandatory AquaQ branding.

AquaQ Valentines Cupcakes

On top of this, we decided to raffle off five more sets of cupcakes (and other treats for people out of reach of the Belfast office) in order to spread the love further afield.

Gone with the Wind

As well as the Valentine’s feed, we did have another event planned for February. But due to the snow, wind and rain we experienced throughout the month, we unfortunately had to postpone the event to the end of March. As such, more details of this will follow in next month’s blogpost.

One good thing that did come of the weather, was in the form of the photographs that some of the AquaQ team managed to snap up. This awesome picture, for example, was taken by AquaQ’s own Aoife Clarke.

And this great picture was snapped by Mark Friel.

Snowy landscape near Belfast

Monthly ThankQs

In the mood of Valentine’s Day, albeit being a while ago now, we at AquaQ would like to share our love with our colleagues by further expressing gratitude to the employees who exceeded expectation this month and performed their role to an exceptional standard. So, a massive thank you to Mark Salters, Simon Frazer, Brian Riordan and Tommy Cheng who have all stepped up and gone above and beyond to help out when other employees have been absent. A huge shout-out to Andrew Barrow who managed to get a personal thank you from our CEO Ronan, for helping him out with an issue.

Pat McKillen has started up an internal Python training course and is really providing a lot of knowledge and value to our colleagues. Conor Mackle has been doing an excellent job in terms of bringing people up to speed on client work, while at the same time continuing to perform their duties to the same high standard. Jemma Borland managed to inspire during a great presentation she did as part of the QUB Physics and Maths Society Women in STEM event. A final thank you to Nathan Hughes and Niall McLaughlin, who both resolved stressful client issues with speed and grace.

Now that the days are getting longer, and the weather is moving to be less restrictive; the plans of the social committee are really starting to expand. We have some more ambitious events and large-scale projects in the works, as well as a long list of things to achieve. We have already had two successful events this month, with hopefully more to come before the months’ conclusion.

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