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Blog Life At Data Intellect 1 Dec 2023

Mollie Brown

Another month has come and gone, and here we are again. There was a lot going on this month as we gear up for the end of the year, grow moustaches, and bake cakes.

It’s also national blog posting month, if you can believe that.


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November - the month of the moustache!

Four of our very own have answered the call to take part in Movember this year. A massive thank you to Andrew McNaught, Robert Sketch, Jack McDonough and Kevin O'Connor for braving the way and being our faces with the stashes!

You can show your support for the team and the great cause via Just Giving here:

Chalk GPT (Grand Pool Tournament)

The nights are long and the secret santa emails are cluttering my inbox, it must be time again for our Autumn pool tournament.

We had to get some trophies reengraved, as the company name has changed since last year: "AquaCue", as genius as it was, wasn't going to cut it anymore.
Introducing... DI's Chalk GPT (Grand Pool Tournament) 3.0!!

In case anyone was wondering, here is the list of rejected names for the tournament: CueDI, DIlliards, The Data Intellect Pool Tournament, Data Intellect Pool Society Habitual International Tournament, Data Inte-cue-llect, and Pata Ontellect Oool Lournament

Singles tournaments! Team tournaments! Free Drink! Food platters! Fun! No experience necessary! Who could ask for more? It was another great night of friendly competition, and the next one will be back around before you know it.

Shout out to Fearghall Kelly, who swept the competition, winning 2 prizes and the glory of beating Ryan himself. Of course, thank you to Ryan for organizing - we're hoping that you'll still want to run this next year now that you're not undefeated anymore.

Chalk GPT World Tour

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We also had our Chalk GPT reach Singapore this year thanks to Maurice Lim and the Singapore team organising their own pool competition night! Perhaps next year the winner of the Belfast comp and the Singapore comp will meet somewhere in the middle (Tajikistan apparently) for a final.
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Bowling Challenge Leaderboard Update

Bowling is right up our alley, and this month has seen even more teams from throughout the streams competing against each other to win the ongoing bowling competition. Halloween may have passed for the year, but that didn't stop some people from going in costume!

There have been some big shifts in the leaderboard, with the Bowling Stones defending the top spot since early in November. This quarterly challenge runs until end of December, so there is still a chance for another team to knock them off of their spot and end the year with the prize pot.

The Bowling Stones - 113.57
Data Pintellects - 101
Pin Pals - 98.5
10 Gin Bowling - 90.20
SE Team 3 - 86.00
SE Team 1 - 80.80
SE Team 2 - 79.00
TBA - 65.00


Santa and his intellect elves have been hard at work for the last week, getting the Data Intellect HQ in Belfast and all of its denizens ready for Christmas.

The office decorating commenced with breakfast baps, mince pies and hot chocolate, making sure everyone had enough energy for the festivities. By the end of the day, the tree was up and looking beautiful, and the rest of the office had been thoroughly christmassified. Some of our crafty elves also made some paper snowflakes and chains.

As we head into December, and with our Christmas party this Saturday, we are really feeling the festive spirit!
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Mince Pies!

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Fueling up!

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