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Mollie Brown

Happy January

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We're off to an exciting start to 2024, with our traditional wellness focused January events, and a lovely celebration of Chinese New Year as well.

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Thirsty Thursdays - New Year, Same Pints.

Banishing Blue Monday

It's important to try and start the year off on the right foot - taking care with our physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.
In that vein, there have been wellness based events throughout the month, alongside weekly company-wide giveaways.
We started off by revitalizing the blues of "Blue Monday" with a lunchtime yoga session, complimenting our regular meditation Mondays.
There was also a delicious breakfast on offer in the office.

Book Club

The book club met up again, to discuss the book we finished reading (or abandoned reading) before Christmas, and pick a new book for the coming months. This quarter's book choice tied into the wellness theme, with each person picking a wellness/self help book that they can report back on in our next meet up!

A selection of wellness books were also added to the shared library of the office, which after our various book events last year, is looking pretty vibrant these days.


We hosted our regular crafting night this month. Crafting can be a great way to unwind and socialize, and we wanted this month's effort to be focused on the great year ahead. To celebrate the last day of the month, we got together to create vision boards. (And eat lots of pizza)

Vision boarding is about assembling pictures/words that capture concepts or goals you want to focus on in the future. Anything from travel, cooking, culture, visiting a certain place, being with friends etc.
Materials like magazine cut outs, ribbon, markers, and glitter were provided, and participants were welcome to bring their own materials to add to their specific boards.




and crafts!

Dim sum and donuts

Not only do we celebrate the Gregorian New Year, we also celebrate the Chinese New Year!

We had a lunchtime outing for dimsum at the Lee Garden restaurant in Belfast, with a diversion for donuts to finish off before heading back to the office.

Thank you to Kent for organising, as always, a really fun event and getting everyone together.

Happy Year of the Dragon from DI!

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