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Blog Life At Data Intellect 6 Oct 2023

Mollie Brown

Welcome to the August and September social blog – updating you on all things happening at Data Intellect offices around the world!

Dogs of DI

To celebrate International Dog Day on the 26th August, a few Data Intellect dog lovers and their furry friends headed to Wild River dog park for some fun!

Many balls were thrown, many treats were had, many pats were given. As you can see, the dogs (and hopefully their accompanying humans) had a good time!

The blog is also hugely improved by their pictures.

Reaching new heights with bouldering

MicrosoftTeams-image (144)
Following in the footsteps of our five-a-side meetups, we now have a bouldering group! The newly set up bouldering club has met up multiple times in the past few months. From experienced climbers to complete newbies, everyone is welcome and has been having fun on the walls at Boulder World!

Thanks to Alex Harte for being a great leader and teacher to everyone!

Getting some practice in...

If you've read any of the other blogs this year, you'll be aware that we've been hard at work raising funds for NI Hospice. This month, we crossed the finish line of the Dragon Boat Race - both for fundraising and the race itself. The race was held on the 8th September, but we were fundraising right until the end, with a rowathon in August and a pub quiz a few days before on the 5th.

The rowathon was held on a rainy day at 2 Royal Avenue and all the participants got some practice in for the race. In total we rowed 35km over the morning and raised an amazing £326.97 on the day! Spirits were high - largely due to the inflatable dragon suit, and it was good to brush up on our rowing skills whilst in fancy dress.

and fundraising until...

In the lead up to the race, Horatio Todd's in east Belfast graciously offered to host a charity quiz night, with all proceeds going to the NI Hospice. The night was great fun, with family and friends brought along for speed quizzing.

We also used the Belfast office for a variety of fundraising activities, from book sales to charity bingo, throughout August and September, each day getting closer to our goal.

race day!

over £5000 raised for NI hospice

Armed with glitter, wings, disco balls, and some oars, the Disco Dragons were off to the races. There was some serious competition from the other teams, but after heats, the semi final and then the final, we were able to finish the day in second place! Having swallowed half the Lagan, the team headed to the pub armed with 2 bottles of wine - one for being runners up of the race and another for being the best dressed.

The race itself was fantastic fun and a good effort was put in by all the rowers, but the majority of the work has been fundraising over the last few months. The team managed to raise over £5140 for NI hospice!

Thank you to everyone that donated, rowed, threw sponges, quizzed or anything else. It was a huge effort, for a great cause, and we're hugely proud of the funds raised.
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We finished out September with a trip to the north coast to go surfing.
Who needs California when we have Portrush?





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MicrosoftTeams-image (46)


Quarterly Team Challenge

It's the end of another quarter and therefore another quarterly challenge! We've just closed out the Q3 team challenge, which involved teams running all over town in their respective locations and completing a treasure hunt!

DI Scotland - 38634
BlacKDBeard - 34297
DI Cool Kids - 34217
DI Hong Kong - 21980

DI Scotland were the first team to take on the treasure hunt challenge, and proved unbeatable throughout. Congratulations to Matthew Clark, David Mitchard, Eliot Robinson, Paul Kerr and Tom Gillespie - there will now be prizes raised upon you all.

Another challenge to come next quarter!

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