The Original Boomerang Kid

Blog Life At Data Intellect 27 Nov 2023

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Andrew Barrow

Ciara, our very own connoisseur of quirky titles, has lovingly christened us returning folks as ‘Boomerang Kids’. Now, I’m not one to toot my own horn, but I might just be the OG of this distinguished club. Ciara graciously tasked me with chronicling my journey, the reasons behind my triumphant return to Data Intellect, formerly AquaQ, and why I would choose [DI] again and again.

Why did I join AquaQ?

Picture this: a fresh-faced graduate with a degree in Applied Mathematics and Physics, armed with a questionable knowledge of programming. MATLAB and a few other unmemorable coding languages made cameo appearances in my academic journey. Did I enjoy it? Well, let’s just say… no.

As graduation approached, I was steadfast in one belief – a career in programming was not in the stars for me. So, while my peers set their sights in other Financial Directions, I was drawn to a small start-up in Belfast peddling dreams of a future as a “Financial Advisor”.

Little did I know I would soon find myself hoodwinked into the world of programming and kdb+. Why did I say yes? Honestly, I’m not entirely sure. At the time I was moonlighting as a Park Ranger and I guess I jumped at the chance to avoid cleaning vomit off slides.

Now, my reasons for joining AquaQ might not align with our very own fresh-faced grads, but for tech enthusiasts, Data Intellect is the gold standard. Here’s why:

  • Top-notch training programs and an expansive learning and development platform
  • Lightning-fast career progression and a wide array of opportunities for growth
  • The chance to spread your wings, live in different corners of the world, and soak in new experiences
  • Access to a treasure trove of knowledge from industry oldies
  • A front-row seat to the latest tech trends through internal projects and tech partnerships
  • A thriving social hub and community of passionate tech minds

The Departure

Why did I leave, you ask? Well, every company has its growing pains. I sat in the mid-level developer tranche and possibly suffered a bit of a mid-level crisis. I felt the itch for change, thinking the grass might be greener elsewhere. I gave in to my sense of restlessness and succumbed to the allure of “shiny benefits packages”. Looking back, I realize I may have overestimated my own expertise, falling prey to the Dunning-Kruger effect. After all, I had only worked with one client, one role, one project… How much did I actually know?

The Return

My departure turned out to be a brief affair, as the organisation I joined underwent significant downsizing. The corporate world can be a labyrinth, especially within the financial sector. I missed the clarity and support system that Data Intellect offered. In my short time away, monotony set in, and I opted for the variety and dynamism that [DI] promised.

Reflections and Reckonings

As I approach my ninth year since returning, the value of Data Intellect has become increasingly evident. The opportunities for mentorship, learning, and leadership are boundless. The freedom to switch roles and tackle fresh challenges prevents stagnation. Job security in uncertain times and the ability to pivot into different fields speak volumes about [DI]’s adaptability.


In my not-so-humble opinion, Data Intellect is the perfect environment for individuals at all stages of their careers. It’s not just a job; it’s a launch-pad for personal and professional growth. If you’re contemplating your own journey, don’t hesitate to reach out.

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