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Blog Life At Data Intellect 3 Apr 2024

Sophie Loca

World Book Day

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To kick off the magical month of March, on March 7th, we celebrated World Book Day by hosting a book swap in the Belfast Office!

Our book worms each brought a special book wrapped in plain paper, with only a mysterious five-word description. Everyone swapped books while enjoying refreshments, and sharing their love for reading!


International Women's Day - Belfast

International Women's Day - Singapore



Check out our official International Women’s Day blog post for some inspiring testimonials from women across the company, and a closer look at the celebrations!


Free Friday Drinks

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The festivities carried on well into the evening with our beloved Free Friday Drinks event at The National!

After a bustling day, we unwound with two complimentary drinks alongside our upcoming regular, Ace!

Mario cart games night

Drumroll, please! It's official – Mario has officially made his grand entrance at Data Intellect!

On the momentous Friday of March 22nd, our Belfast office witnessed the dawn of a new era as we hosted our first (of many) Mario Kart tournament.

We summoned all our daring employees to join in the fun, promising an evening filled with pizza, beer, and the kind of friendly competition that gets hearts racing. What more could you want?

As the night unfolded in a whirlwind of anticipation and adrenaline, Robert Sketch emerged as the ultimate victor, leaving everyone in awe of his unparalleled skill behind the wheel. His triumph was met with cheers and applause, as he claimed the infamous Star Trophy! Congratulations, Robert, on your triumphant win!

Here's to many more Mario Kart adventures at Data Intellect! Thank you Rebecca for bringing us this amazing event!

March Food Bank Collection

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This month we also organized a successful food drive in the Belfast office to support the South Belfast Foodbank!

We provided a list of the most needed food items from the food bank and set up a drop-off zone in the social area (Just like our previous Mission Christmas initiative).

We truly appreciate everyone's generosity in donating whatever they could. Throughout March, we also organized lunchtime shopping trips for those in the office, ensuring continuous support for the food drive. Thank you to everyone who participated and contributed to making this food drive a success!

Easter Craft

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To celebrate the Easter season, our crafting club organized a delightful basket weaving session.

We explored the technique of coiled basket weaving, a method that involves winding fibers into coils and binding them together to create baskets, bowls, or mats. While traditionally using natural materials like tree bark and palm leaves, we embraced a more contemporary approach, incorporating everyday items such as old t-shirts, bedding, denim, and even plastic bags.

Our crafty employees picked up the new technique in no time, and everyone left with a new skill under their belt.

Thanks to everyone for coming!

Quarterly Team Challenge - Escape rooms!

As the curtains closed on the first Quarterly Team Challenge of 2024, we celebrated the thrilling conclusion of The Escape Room!

Throughout the past months, we ignited the competitive spirit within our employees, urging them to channel their inner Sherlock Holmes and Houdini to claim the coveted title of DI Escape Room Champions.

The journey was nothing short of exhilarating as our leader board became a whirlwind of activity, with teams striving for faster escape times with each passing week.

In the end, team Won took the title, with a massive 25.47 minutes remaining on their clock! Well done Champions!

Thank you so much to Caitlin our QTC organiser for making it all happen - and watch this space as the Q2 challenge is announced!

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