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Thirsty Thursdays - New faces

To kick off the month, our regular free drinks event had a change in management, with Ciarán taking on the role as the event's manager! With his love of a good session, it's no doubt that we are in great hands! This month's event was exactly what the doctor ordered, smooth pints, friendly faces, and brighter evenings! (which couldn't come sooner if you ask me).

Ciarán wasn't the only change this month, we also welcomed a new face to the National - none other than Ace! While he may be a bit young to avail of the free drinks, this clever pup charmed his way in with his high-fiving skills. And who's to say if the guest appearances will end there? Watch this space!

Pancake Tuesday

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It's that time of year again already, where we fill our faces with delicious pancakes in preparation for lent (although the latter part is optional).

Early in the morning of the 13th, the Belfast office was lined up with every kind of pancake you could imagine; fluffy pancakes large and small, gluten free, bacon/syrup pancakes and chocolate crepes!, and there were no shortage of sweets, jams, condiments and fruits to go along with them! It's fair to say we had our bases fully covered. Thank you to Cliona for gathering all the supplies we needed to feed the five thousand!

Pal-entines Clay Craft

Later the same day, we hosted a pal-entines craft evening, where we explored using polymer clay to create bespoke, heartfelt gifts!

As the evening drew to a close, we marvelled at the diverse array of creations: marbled dishes, adorable pets, stylish coasters, exquisite jewellery pieces, and even a duo of miniature musicians! Its wonderful to see our creative community shine! Thank you as always to the social committee for making it all happen!

CNY Hong Kong

The lunar new year is a time for family to get together, traditionally a celebration of the dawn of spring! The characteristics of a Chinese zodiac represents what's in store for the year. Dragon is considered the most auspicious - associated with courage, tenacity, intelligence, wealth, and more!

DataIntellect HK ushered in the new year on 19th Feb, as a family would, with an all-you-can-eat hotpot!

CNY Singapore

Singapore’s celebrations just got a wee bit livelier with Carla from Belfast joining the crew! We wish you the best settling in!

Here's to a year filled with more joy, less jet lag, and a growing DI family!

Charity Coffee Morning - The Road Ahead Support Group


Leap Year Time capsule!

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As we bid farewell to this month, we thought, why not leave a little something behind for our future selves? Enter, DI's leap-year time capsule!

We tossed in all sorts of goodies – office snapshots, company memories, world facts and even a few secret treasures!

So here's the deal: we're sealing this bad boy up tight and sending it on a four-year-long journey into the future! Who knows what adventures await when we crack it open again? Stay tuned, folks – this is one time capsule you won't want to miss!

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