AquaQ Away Day 2021

News Life At Data Intellect 28 Jan 2022

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The final post in our social reflection of 2021, represents one of the best events of the year. It saw a large portion of the company head out to both enjoy and challenge themselves in a variety of activities.

It’s not everyday you get the chance to jump off a dizzying 30ft platform, tackle off road driving blindfolded or zipline across a valley 50m above the forest floor! In September 2021, we travelled to Todds Leap Activity Centre located in a beautiful forest outside Ballygawley, Co. Tyrone for the annual AquaQ Away Day!

The day started with tea, coffee and scones to help pluck up our courage for the day ahead. Once we were split into teams, it was time to go head-to-head. Who would be crowned champions and take home the coveted “AquaQ Analytics Away Day Cup”?

Large Group of AquaQ Employees at Todds Leap Away Day

The Activities

1. Archery: Just like Robin Hood, we tested our accuracy and precision, aiming (some better than others) to hit a “Bull’s-eye”!

AquaQ Employees practising archery at Todds Leap Away Day

2. Blindfold Driving: We tackled the toughest terrain, driving through muddy tracks, up steep inclines and through water hazards, but there was a catch… We had to drive blindfolded!

3. Tayto “BigYella” Slide: Sliding 40 mph down a 150m long slide was the easy part. The hard part was walking back to the top again!

4. Clay Pigeon Shooting: Ready, Aim, Fire! We tested our shooting skills where we aimed to hit the clay mid flight.

5. Dropzone: We first took to the lower platform to master technique and then headed to a 30ft platform and took the plunge!

6. Zip Lining: We climbed up 4 flights of stairs to the top of a tower, jumped and sailed over the forest floor 50m above the ground!

The Results

After a day of facing the most testing obstacles, it was time for the awards ceremony. Prizes included Amazon Vouchers for “The Loudest Scream” and “Most Reckless Jump”, with the “AquaQ Analytics Away Day Cup” going to the Green Team!

It was then time for a well deserved burger and bottle of beer (or two) in the courtyard to celebrate!

We thought the event was going to be so spectacular that we hired a professional to capture the day and create a short video to encapsulate its success. The video below does an excellent job of displaying all the excitement of the day and the comradery of the company as a whole.

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