International Women’s Day 2024

Blog Life At Data Intellect 27 Mar 2024

Calum Crease

It was exciting times in the office for International Women’s Day where we were thrilled to have some exciting and inspiring guest speakers come in to join the celebrations. It was also the perfect opportunity to launch our Women in STEM Committee.

But first, in the week leading up to IWD we celebrated women across the company by sharing their testimonials. It was a fun week getting to hear about some of the varied and interesting journeys the women in DI have been on:

Carla's Story


Jannette's Story

Cliona's Story


Heather's Story

Katie's Story


Meabh's Story

Maya's Story


Sophie's Story

After celebrating our diverse stories, we reached International Women’s Day. We started the day off on the right foot with some lovely breakfast food right before we got to hear from our first guest speaker.

Justice Minister Naomi Long spoke about her early career as a Woman in STEM before embarking on a move to politics, expressing the need for more participation of women in both fields and celebrating the work that has been done so far. After the talk plenty of those in the office stayed around and had an interesting further discussion with the Justice Minister.

Heading into the afternoon we began our next set of talks with our very own Chantelle talking about Data Intellect’s new Women in STEM Committee – an internal network to empower, support and celebrate women in STEM, driving positive change within our organisation and the broader industry also.

Following this, Coach and Businesswoman Jen Goodall gave an enlightening and hilarious talk about her experiences of showing resilience in her life and career and how we can use our set-backs as opportunities to pivot and grow.

The women in the Belfast office, joined by Jen, then got to head out for a lovely lunch together, wrapping up a great day all round.

Like the women in Belfast, we also saw Carla and Katie out for lunch together in Singapore.

Overall, Data Intellect had a wonderful time celebrating International Women’s day and can’t wait to celebrate again next year! If you want to catch the next IWD live (and all social events for that matter) give our social media pages a follow: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Youtube.

Throughout the day the social committee were journeying the office with their mini microphone asking some thought provoking IWD themed questions, check out the video below:

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