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News Life At Data Intellect 21 Jan 2022

Data Intellect

So far in January, we have looked back at some of our favourite social events from last year. Next on the agenda of our post-year review takes us back to October 2021, where we held a pool tournament in Belfast’s Laverys, open to all in the company.

The event consisted of two tournaments; the singles matches which was a straight knock-out arrangement, and the team fixtures which consisted of three per team and one frame each. Each team was decided based on self-proclaimed skill levels given before the event – with some players being more humble than others.

The night commenced with the singles matches, followed by some food platters and drink vouchers to keep energy levels up for the all important finale of the team games.

There was a lot of healthy competition on the night. Patrick Farren is still claiming he would have been victorious if it wasn’t for having to leave the competition early!

The players who walked away with vouchers and bragging rights were Ryan Eastwood for winning (and coincidentally organising) the single’s tournament, and the dream team of Josh Robbins, Kevin O’Hare and Aine McGinn (below) for their triumphant victory in the team matches. A special mention goes to James Tennyson on winning the most frames in the teams event overall.

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