October Festivities

Blog Life At Data Intellect 11 Nov 2022

Mollie Brown

October was a busy month for us at AquaQ – we’re still recovering from the frights of Halloween, and all the sweets! We also celebrated World Mental Health Day and hosted The Brilliant Breakfast in aid of The Prince’s Trust.

World Mental Health Day

To celebrate World Mental Health Day, on the 10th of October we organised an online meditation session for everyone in the company. The lovely Brenda from Willows Reach kindly guided us through the session. Those who attended felt more relaxed and ready to take on the rest of the working day afterwards.

The Brilliant Breakfast 

We received an invite from our investors at Sovereign to host The Brilliant Breakfast in support of The Prince’s Trust. For every company in their portfolio that took part they were making a donation to The Prince’s Trust, which we here at AquaQ are matching.  

We jumped on the opportunity to organise an event for such a great cause. So, on the 12th of October we gathered in our Belfast HQ to eat delicious breakfast foods and learn more about the charity. We brought in breakfast for all staff in the office, including breakfast baps, pastries and fruit along with tea and coffee. It was our biggest office turn out to post-lockdown! 

During the breakfast we also took the opportunity to play videos to outline the great work The Prince’s Trust do, and the impact of each donation.  


We kicked off Halloween festivities with a movie night in the office – this year’s choice was ‘The Thing’, John Carpenter’s 1982 classic. During the opening scene, the words “I hope nothing bad happens to that dog” were heard from the crowd. Tough break, Cara.

Afterwards, we also screened one of the Purge movies, but this mostly functioned as background noise as folks enjoyed the festive decorations, sweets, drinks, and pizza!

The next day, we encouraged dressing up both at home and in the office, where there was plenty of treats and around lunch time we had a couple of Halloween games for a bit of fun! Our costume competition winner was announced on the day’s standup – congratulations to James for taking the crown with his Bob Ross costume.

The team out in Hong Kong also had a Halloween social, where they went to a VR experience center to kill some zombies in the name of AquaQ!

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