Cakes, Cues and Karts

Blog Life At Data Intellect 2 Dec 2022

Mollie Brown

This November was jam packed with events: from cakes to go-karts there was something for everyone!


As the televised version came to end, we at AquaQ hosted our own (equally prestigious) Bake Off competition on the 23rd of November. Our bakers brought in a delicious array of treats to impress our judging committee, and helped to keep the office fed for the rest of the day.

Our Star Baker was Cara, who took 1st place with her showstopping chocolate Guinness cupcakes with Baileys buttercream. Andrew was runner up with his delectable chocolate orange brownies. Ryan and his caramel squares claimed 3rd place.

Ladies Who Lunch

The ladies of the AquaQ broke up a typical Thursday with a lunch outing in Belfast. It was a great chance to meet new people we might not have had the chance to work with before and to connect outside the office with everyone!

We’re hoping for this to be the first of many networking and social meet ups for the women of the company, fostering connections across all teams and business streams, especially as we continue to grow and evolve.

AquaCue Pool Tournament

This month saw the successful return of our (now annual) pool tournament. The night consisted of a singles and team tournament, with additional prizes for best and worst shot of the night.

Fun was had by all – especially once the platters of food and drinks came out- and there was a wide range of skill on display. A few people were picking up a pool cue for the first time in years whilst others were indubitable experts. The individuals final was a battle between titans, won 2-1 by Ryan against Kevin.

Thanks again to Ryan for organizing and Natasha and her assistants for keeping track of all the simultaneous matches throughout the night.

Go-Karting in London

The London branch of AquaQ got together for an afternoon at Capital Karting. There were a few spins and tussles throughout the field but no red flags were needed. Our winner on the day, lapping the whole field twice was Dermot Donnelly with the fastest lap time of 53 seconds flat. After the podium, the racers headed out for an “Apres Kart” pint by the river in Canary Wharf.

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