Mental Health Awareness Week 2021

News Life At Data Intellect 20 May 2021

Data Intellect

Monday 10th May to Friday 14th May was Mental Health Awareness Week 2021, and our AquaQ team did their bit to get involved and help raise awareness and create conversations around the topic of mental health.

Mental Health Awareness Week was created by the Mental Health Foundation 21 years ago, it has since grown into one of the worlds biggest awareness weeks and its purpose is to encourage people to focus on achieving good mental health and raising awareness of the topic which is often stigmatised.

Monday – 10K Steps a Day Challenge
We challenged our team to get their 10,000 steps in everyday this week, which we have all discovered is much more difficult when working from home. Getting some fresh air and staying active is great for your mental health and will do wonders to lift your mood and change your mindset!
This challenge wasn’t without its twists- we had prizes for the least amount of steps, the closest to 10K and the first to reach 10K before 5PM!
AquaQ Plant a Seed Campaign for Mental Health Awareness
Tuesday – Plant a Flower and Seed a Conversation
We sent flower planting kits out to five lucky members of our team and have set them the task of growing their flowers and keeping them alive. We are going to check in to see how the flowers are growing every week, and hopefully see them thriving!
AquaQ Mental Health Awareness Pets
Wednesday – Pets
What would we do without our pets? They’re part of our families and never fail to make us smile. We asked our team to share pictures of their pets with us, and we were all spoiled with great pictures of cats, dogs, rabbits, hamsters, a horse and even a peacock! You can see a video of the Pets of AquaQ on our Instagram!
AquaQ Mental Health Awareness Week
Thursday – ThankQ
With all of us working remotely and socialising virtually, it has become more important to thank those who help us out daily with everyday tasks. We thought it would be great to make Thursday a day to give thanks to each other, whether its was thanking someone who had gone above and beyond to help us, our team, or a client, or thanking them for simply always looking out for us and providing some much-needed support.
Taking the time to thank others and give them the recognition they deserved is very important, the gratitude will help to lift your mood, make you happier and you might even make their day! It makes us feel more connected and reminds us that even though we can’t see each other in person, we still have an impact on those around us.
AquaQ Mental Health Awareness Pub Quiz
Friday – Virtual Pub Quiz
We held a virtual pub quiz for our team on Friday afternoon. While we couldn’t all meet in an actual pub, this gave everyone the opportunity to get involved and enjoy a few laughs and a few drinks and put their nature knowledge to the test! We also had Coach JP Mitchell come in to speak to us about mental health and to give us some tips and techniques to look after our mental health.

Thank you to our AquaQ team for getting involved and for making this year’s Mental Health Awareness Week a success! We have all worked to better our own individual mental health and to connect better with nature, and with each other as a team, even while we can’t all be together in person.

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