The Corona Diaries – Sequel

Blog Life At Data Intellect 10 Aug 2020

Data Intellect

Week no. “Who Is Still Counting (Stars)”:
Days and weeks are starting to blend together. Are we running out of ideas to keep everyone busy? Ha, you wish! Mental Health Awareness Week seems to have given us new inspiration. Here are some of the winning contributions for our Mental Health-“Take a Walk – Take a Picture” challenge:

AquaQ Corona Diaries Employee posing beside water
1st place: Nothing could beat the positive message in this picture, submitted by Vikki Wallace, NY (US)
Runner-up: Taken by Peter Smiley on one of his hikes to the top of the world, also called Slieve Bernagh, NI
AquaQ Corona Dairies image depicting a gloomy landscape scene in rural Estonia
Runner-up: Sometimes the weather is just not playing along… Sander Roomus got creative and took a walk around the house, this is the beautiful view outside, Estonia.

Week no. “Let It Grow”:
Hairdressers reopen! I am thinking to myself – do we even need them anymore? People seem to be enjoying their long, ginger mermaid-hair, Santa Claus beards and Justin Bieber style swoops. Even our new starters from all over the world – England, Singapore, United States, Magherafelt – are proudly presenting their buzzcut or “I woke up like this” (literally) hairstyles.

Week no. “Never Enough”:
Greatest showman, of course we have our own version of it by the name of Jonny Press. Just recently he has been on the cover of various newspapers across Northern Ireland after the AquaQ Analytics expansion plans and the investment by InvestNI had been announced. And because we really just can’t get enough, we have also aired our first radio campaign on CoolFM:

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