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Blog Life At Data Intellect 28 Jul 2023

Mollie Brown

Bake Sale - Raising Funds for NI Hospice

On the 13th July we had a bake sale in the Belfast office. CEO Steve was kind enough to sample every cake in order to declare a star baker.

Whilst we don't really need a reason to eat delicious treats round here, the bake sale was all in aid of NI Hospice. We're taking part in the NI Hospice Dragon Boat Race on the 8th of September to raise vital funds for the work the Hospice do, and it is definitely our biggest fundraising event of 2023!

Thank you to everyone who brought along a bake, be it sweet or savoury, and everyone who brought their appetite, be it big or small!
We're still fundraising, so use this link to donate!

Thirsty Thursdays

Our monthly Free Friday Drinks had a major revamp this July and was on a THURSDAY instead. This worked out very well as the chosen date was on the same day as the office bake sale, so everyone was able to fill up on cake before heading to The National for some refreshments.
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Thirsty Thursdays

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Thirsty Thursdays

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Thirsty Thursdays

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Thirsty Thursdays

Views and Brews

Our teams based in both London and Singapore have been living the high life this month. The London group met up at a rooftop bar on the Isle of Dogs for stunning views and the Singapore team met up at “The World’s Highest Urban Microbrewery With A View Of Singapore’s Marina Bay”. There were drinks, good times, and a warm welcome for newest Singapore Intellect Matthew Getty.

Our teams around the world have also received their fancy new DI water bottles, but that’s only a taste of the merch to come. Keep an eye on the blog over the next few months if you are keen to see Intellects modelling hoodies, t-shirts, beanies, and even gilets. And who isn’t keen to see a software developer model a gilet??

Football Fives and Fantasies

With the world cup kicking off, and something else called the premier league also happening, there has been a lot of talk about football around the office. The last time I watched football was via a Bend it Like Beckham dvd, so hopefully everything below is accurate and conveys a sense of excitement that I do not necessarily share.

Regular 5-aside meetups have returned at Belfast HQ! There's no pictures yet, because everyone was busy playing instead of photographing, so you'll have to make do with this artist's impression.

Our Fantasy Football league is alive and well after our rebrand.
If you're like me and have no idea of the rules of football, be it fantasy or reality, here is how it works according to Simon, our Fantasy Football dungeon master:
Each game week, players will choose one team who they think will win from the English Premier League fixtures. The team selected has to win in order for you to survive in the competition. Players CANNOT select the same team twice! For example, if you select Liverpool to win in week 1, you cannot select them again for any future fixture.
This will repeat each week until the LAST PERSON STANDING wins the prize of a £50 Amazon voucher, and company bragging rights.

We're also running a sweepstake for the women's world cup, with a £200 prize pot on the line. (Or is it in the net? Goal? FUTBOL)

Lets Go Hydro

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We had a summer trip to local aqua park Lets Go Hydro (ignore the storm clouds in the photo). It was a day of fun at a giant inflatable playground, with slides, tunnels, climbs, and a giant unicorn. Everyone got stuck in, showing off with some truly fantastic flips and even more fantastic flops.

Pride Quiz

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