New York to Hong Kong Challenge!

News Life At Data Intellect 14 Oct 2020

Data Intellect

I can only speak for myself, but it’s really difficult to stay in a routine for exercise when we are going in and out of lockdowns, and working remotely means the fridge is just a few steps away…!

With this in mind, AquaQ are taking on our biggest challenge yet.

From Monday 12th October 2020 to Monday 26th October 2020, we are attempting to cover the distance between our offices in New York and Hong Kong (8062 miles!)

Everyone has been split into teams depending on their preferred activity. Each team has a mixture of cyclists, runners and walkers…and every kind of activity in between!

We’re also going to have a chat from Claire, our fitness guru who has been giving us intense workout through lockdown, all about how exercise benefits mental health and wellbeing.

Keep track of our progress by clicking the link here!

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