Chinese New Year 2021!

News Life At Data Intellect 17 Feb 2021

Data Intellect

At AquaQ we weren’t going to let lockdown number (I’ve lost count) stop us from celebrating Chinese New Year. This year is the ‘Year of the Ox’, said to bring stability, calmness, and great opportunities… I think we could all use a bit of that positivity! We’re counting on you, Ox.

As we couldn’t celebrate Chinese New Year in person, we dedicated our weekly Stand Up to the occasion, and had everyone wear something red. To kick it off, we challenged 5 of our ‘Aquarians’ to pick up as many smarties as they could in 30 seconds using chopsticks! Although there was some debate about whether or not the chopsticks were being held properly, Aliyah managed to get an impressive 17 smarties into a bowl and was crowned the winner! Meanwhile the worst score was 1 smartie… I’ll not name any names!

We then called upon 3 people at random to attempt some Mandarin phrases set by our very own 007, Daniel and Craig. Their attempts were… interesting to say the least, but after an impressive performance in the final round, Ciara was chosen as the winner!

Craig also put his culinary skills to the test, and made a very tasty looking Nian Gao. This is a traditional cake which is very popular during Chinese New Year, and symbolises the promise of a better year. Check out Craig’s creation below!

ThankQ to everyone who got involved in the virtual celebrations during Stand Up, it certainly brightened up our Friday afternoon.

新年快乐 – Happy New Year!

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