AquaQ Away Day 2019

News Life At Data Intellect 15 Aug 2019

Jamie Grant

AquaQ Analytics hosted their Annual Away Day on 10 August 2019 at Castlewellan Forest Park and despite the horrific weather conditions people travelled from as far as London to be in attendance!

Festivities kicked off………later than expected as a result of a few minor set backs and better late than never  a “Belfast Sightseeing Bus” set off to Castlewellan with AquaQ on board. Unfortunately the double decker had difficulty in entering Castlewellan park. Martin of Life Adventure commented that “it must be the only bus in Ireland that hasn’t got through the gates”. But undefeated the team jumped off the bus and armed with probably the best liquid resource in the world they trekked into the forest to the meeting point at the Life Adventure Centre.

50 minutes late but keen to get started AquaQ separated  into teams and came up with  “appropriate” team names. Notably Conal had been working all week on an algorithm that would ensure that he was part of the winning team but unfortunately his team was neither victorious in battle or in name picking for that matter!

Our first task of the day was – standing in a line to pass a ball “over and under” – The “Pink Ladies” easily took first place. Unfortunately – it wasn’t a competition Ladies!! No points awarded!

Our second task was competitive. The aim to was “shimmy” 2 hoops through a human chain. Team “We don’t cheat, We never Would Cheat, and We Don’t Think Any Of The Other Teams Should Either” excelled and “Team B” picked up a handful of points!

Our third and final warm up was to skip in unison – Easier said than done! Little Mix went straight to the top of the charts with 17 complete turns – well done Little Mix.

After a beautiful lunch we set off in our orienteering challenge throughout the forest. The aim was to pick up “stamps” at different posts hidden in the forest. Stamps meant points and points meant pounds which we could use to create a shopping list for the main event – “Raft Building”.

With logs, rope, barrels and a lot of hope each team engineered their own raft which they would race across the water. Fully equipped with appropriate gear including oars, life jackets and helmets we went head to head racing. After two heats 4 teams were in the final. Foul play ignored “The Titanic Orchestra” sailed to victory closely followed by Alpha Q.

Drenched but in high spirits everyone went back to base and were treated  to fish and chips from Docks of Newcastle. The party continued back in Belfast.

AquaQ Analytics would like to thank Life Adventure for the wonderful day – Heres to another Adventure very soon!!

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