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Blog Life At Data Intellect 13 May 2020

Data Intellect

Week 1
Oh my goodness, I am loving this. My bosses just video called me and they totally bought my “I am taking working from home very seriously”-attitude. What they didn’t know is that I am currently businessperson from the waist up, pyjama party from the waist down.

Week 2
Yep, still doing great. Third Skype call with friends this week and we are slowly running out of topics: “How did your toilet paper shopping go today? – Unsuccessful.” At least supermarkets have stocked up on Corona again which helps us forgot we already had this conversation yesterday.

Week 3
Please help! Carol Baskin killed her husband and Joe Exotic is in prison, Tiger King is over (I have even watched the Extras) and Netflix is running out of suggestions for tv shows I haven’t already seen. I am sitting on the couch writing in this diary and wondering: Will I remember how to interact with people when this lockdown is finally over?

Week 4
Ohm and Namaste. Maybe joining in on the AquaQ yoga, meditation and hardcore workout sessions is the solution? After all, there are two ways this could go when my colleagues see me coming back into the office (flexing my biceps or rolling). Either way, I am sure they will be impressed.

Oh wait, my best friend “couch” is calling again, I’ll see ya later!

Week 5
AquaQ to the rescue! Just received a work email: AquaQ employees are challenged to do a Stair Shuffle. After 2 hours of watching Tik Toks, another 3 hours of YouTube tutorials and many, many evenings of practice here are the results. The funds raised by us mastering the art of shuffling will go to food banks in Belfast and life changing research at Queens University Belfast for survivors of COVID-19.

And as I still have no idea what to do with all this money I am currently saving by ordering tons of Domino’s pizza instead of dining at the finest restaurants in Belfast I might just try doing a good deed:

AquaQ Stair Shuffle Part 1
AquaQ Stair Shuffle Part 2

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