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Blog Life At Data Intellect 12 May 2023

Mollie Brown

AquaWho? - We are now Data Intellect!

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As I’m sure you’ve heard by now, everything is all new at the company formerly known as AquaQ.

Over the past few months, there has been a lot of work in the background to give our organisation a fresh look and feel. The office refurb, consultations with our partner Mammoth, photoshoots, and more. And now the secret is out and all of our email addresses have been changed.

May 2nd marked the official first day as Data Intellect, with the new name and brand announced across our social channels and to our clients. Before this public announcement though, we had a joint rebrand party at the Belfast HQ and around the world.

Belfast HQ Relaunch Party

Our biggest get together was in our Belfast hub, and teammates flocked back to the new office to celebrate. There was finger food, filled beer fridges, a mobile cocktail bar, and some Data Intellect themed sweet treats.

To really appreciate our new space , we thought it would be a good idea to pretend the space was something completely different. For a bit of entertainment, we had one of our conference rooms set up as a game room by VR City. Despite the terrified screaming you may have heard (I don't care if they were cartoons, that zombie game was very scary), everyone had a great time playing, and spectating!

Thanks to everyone that came out and made the night a success, and a big shout out to Jason McCoubrey for providing some great musical entertainment as always.


The fun wasn’t just in NI though, and simultaneous (depending on timezone) celebrations were happening around the globe!

On the other side of the world, the Singapore segment of Data Intellect celebrated by dining on some Greek cuisine at Blu Korzina.

The team in the Big Apple headed to 230 Fifth Rooftop bar on a beautiful sunny day. They watched the sun set over a beautiful skyline as they were fed and watered.

A great night and great fun was had by the DI London team at Pergola on the Wharf! There were a few sore heads the next morning after the cocktails.

The team in HK went bowling at Thunderbowl in Whampoa to celebrate. A laugh, a beer, and a meal later, they had had a great time.

Outside of our main hubs, there were other teams out celebrating the day! Food, drinks and good times were shared in Glasgow, Berlin and Galway!

We hope everyone enjoyed the celebrations whether you were in Belfast or afar!
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New York

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Hong Kong

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Hong Kong

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New York

Do you have an axe to grind?

Plus accordion
This quarter’s all new team challenge is axe throwing! This should be a good diversion for anyone who needs to blow off steam at the end of the day, so for the next few months teams within Data Intellect are encouraged to get into the competitive spirit and spend their quarterly budget on a game of axe throwing.

As always, there will be a leaderboard, and exciting prizes for the victorious team.

There will always be spot prizes for any trick shots - provided there is some evidence. We here at Data Intellect are a trustworthy bunch, but feats of axe skill will need to be seen to be believed.

Belfast City Marathon

To bring the month to an exciting close, we had two teams running in the Belfast City Marathon relay. The runners were raising money for Air Ambulance NI with all donations matched by Data Intellect.

The new company name hadn’t been announced yet, so our team t-shirts went for some subtle bracket branding instead.

The teams met up at the finish line to cheer on those running the final leg(and get a group photo), completing the relay in 4:06:17 and 4:11:36 coming 544th and 719th respectively! After a great day of running in the sun and the rain, a pint and some chips were well deserved.

Well done to all our runners, and hopefully your legs have recovered!

And with that, we say goodbye to AquaQ and goodbye to April. Bring on Data Intellect and bring on May!

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