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News kdb+ 22 Feb 2016

Data Intellect

AquaQ needle in haystackMuch like any technology, kdb+ requires skilled expertise to maximise its potential.  Smaller organisations find it difficult to find and keep talented kdb+ developers.

AquaQ Analytics provide a remote support service predominantly aimed at hedge funds and smaller institutions.  In the majority of cases we have remote access to the client’s systems and connect directly, either over a VPN or a remote desktop connection.   The service is useful where an organisation wishes to:

  • use the technology, but does not want to invest in building and maintaining kdb+ development expertise
  • build in-house expertise, but needs initial help and knowledge transfer, along with expert advice on call
  • augment their in-house team with expert help and advice on short term development work
  • have a level of support available outside their core operating hours (for example a US based institution with systems running 24*5 but the core development team works EST hours)

Some examples of what we do:

  • set up new systems
  • system monitoring and restarts
  • develop enhancements/extensions to existing systems
  • data imports and schema changes
  • architecture advice
  • assistance for quants/traders analysing the data

Our service currently supports systems around the clock and across the globe, from Sydney to Chicago.  We have a tracking service to allow you to view usage.  Our pricing models are flexible, and always less than recruiting locally in global financial centres.

If you are interested in the service please get in touch.  We can provide you with references from our current (happy!) customer base as required.  We also have an 8 strong team that runs the 24*7 kdb+ support desk for one of the biggest banks in the world … so we can handle bigger jobs too!

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