AquaQ Analytics Signs Panopticon Reseller Agreement with Datawatch

News kdb+ 17 Aug 2017

Jamie Grant

AquaQ Analytics is pleased to announce that it has become an authorised reseller of the Datawatch Panopticon Visual Analytics Technology. Already a professional services partner for Datawatch, AquaQ will now actively resell the technology to clients operating within the capital markets sector and beyond into other industry verticals.

Speaking about the news, AquaQ Analytics CEO Ronan Pairceir commented “We are delighted to become a reseller of Datawatch’s Panopticon Visual Analytics Technology. Many of our capital markets clients who already use kdb+ for market data capture and analysis use Panopticon to visualise their real time streaming and historical data. Panopticon offers our clients a way to quickly and easily roll out new Analysis Dashboards to traders and other analysts. Much of that work is in the regulatory space currently.

We also have ongoing projects in the IoT, Pharmaceutical and Manufacturing verticals where we are demonstrating the power of Panopticon for real-time visual anomaly detection and investigation. For these clients, we are building platforms with a Panopticon front-end on top of AquaQ’s open source TorQ Framework for kdb+. The combination of Panopticon with TorQ enables us to rapidly build and deploy client solutions.”

Many firms struggle with business intelligence (BI) tools, such as Tableau and QlikView, on top of their tick database, and with importing and exporting data on a daily basis. Organisations can leverage Panopticon to natively connect to their tick database, delivering real-time streaming views of trading effectiveness, and intra-day and historic views down to the last tick.

“Quant teams have used tick databases for years, but making this trading intelligence available to all of sales trading requires deep expertise in optimizing whole environments” said Peter Simpson, vice president of visualization strategy, Datawatch. “AquaQ Analytics help with this endeavour by combining Panopticon and TorQ for client solutions and we welcome their addition as an authorized reseller of the Panopticon Technology.”

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About Panopticon
For more than 15 years, leading global firms have relied on Datawatch Panopticon for faster analytics, providing real time streaming, intraday & historic analysis into their trading activity. The powerful combination of fast data access through real time streaming connectivity, rapid data understanding through visual analysis, faster investigation through time series analysis and playback down to the individual tick, and speedier action, supports organizations in making faster, more informed decisions that have an immediate financial impact. For more information on Datawatch Panopticon and how it has been deployed at customers in time critical areas across trading, risk, compliance, trading operations, investment management, and IoT, please click here

About AquaQ Analytics
AquaQ Analytics Limited is a provider of specialist data management, data analytics and data mining services to clients operating within the capital markets and other sectors. The company specialises in kdb+ consultancy, training and support. It also acts as a reseller and professional services partner to Datawatch for their Panopticon Visual Analytics Technology. To contact the company please send an email to

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About Datawatch Corporation
Datawatch Corporation (NASDAQ-CM:DWCH) enables ordinary users to achieve extraordinary results with their data. Only Datawatch can unlock data from the widest variety of sources and prepare it for use in visualization and analytics tools, or for other business processes. When real-time visibility into rapidly changing data is critical, Datawatch also enables users to analyze streaming data, even in the most demanding environments, such as capital markets. Organizations of all sizes in more than 100 countries worldwide use Datawatch products, including 93 of the Fortune 100. The company is headquartered in Bedford, Massachusetts, with offices in New York, London, Frankfurt, Stockholm, Singapore and Manila. To learn more about Datawatch or download a free version of its enterprise software, please visit:
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