TorQ Framework Released

News 26 May 2014

Jamie Grant

Today AquaQ Analytics (, an implementation and training partner of kx systems, is releasing a kdb+ framework called AquaQ TorQ for free to the kx community via

The framework forms the basis of a production kdb+ system by implementing some core functionality and utilities on top of kdb+, allowing developers to concentrate on the application business logic. It incorporates as many best practices as possible, with particular focus on performance, process management, diagnostic information, maintainability and extensibility. Wherever possible, we have tried to avoid re-inventing the wheel and instead have used contributed code from (either directly or modified). This framework will be suitable for those looking to create a new kdb+ system from scratch or those looking to add additional functionality to their existing kdb+ systems.

A zip file containing the code and associated documentation is available from the AquaQ Analytics website ( and is also available via at

I hope you find this to be of use and we welcome any and all feedback to

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