Data Intellect and KX Partner To Accelerate Delivery Of Time Series And AI Analytics Services Built on kdb+

News 16 May 2023

Data Intellect

Data Intellect x KX - (1920x1080)

As more and more organisations look to modernise their analytics stack and migrate critical AI and ML workloads to the cloud, Data Intellect and KX have announced a strategic partnership to deliver enhanced services for time series analytics and AI use cases built on kdb+, the industry’s most trusted time series and analytics database, and kdb Insights, the industry’s first Data Timehouse.

A leading global kdb+ services provider, specialising in python engineering and data science skills, Belfast-based Data Intellect has built a significant presence within the global financial institutions sector. This partnership will not only reinforce its position as a leading provider of kdb+ solutions but also uniquely tailor its offerings to financial services clients looking to extract the full potential of their KX estate. By integrating KX’s high-speed time series database with Data Intellect’s specialized data science capabilities, clients will gain a more comprehensive, efficient, and insightful analytics platform, enabling them to make better-informed decisions faster.

For KX, the partnership will expand the reach of its industry-leading Data Timehouse technology to more organisations seeking to manage time series data and AI workloads that don’t fit into traditional structured or unstructured data warehouses.

Steve Turner, CEO, at Data Intellect: “KX’s market-leading software enables customers to gain significant business and technology advantages, and through this partnership we are well situated to help clients leverage this. Our offerings have expanded to include a global managed service operation allowing clients to focus on their core business while we provide the underlying support framework. With our extensive knowledge and experience we can continuously optimise environments to allow further growth and leverage of the KX software including its Data Timehouse platform. Companies must look to take advantage of a hybrid environment but not view this as a lift and shift – it’s an opportunity to increase performance and drive even more cost benefit from their KX estate.”

James Corcoran, Chief Growth Officer, KX: “The partnership offers customers a unified value proposition at the intersection of technology and services, ensuring the quick and efficient deployment of KX technology backed up by Data Intellect’s extensive experience in kdb+ and kdb Insights development. Customers can expect faster time to value and the ability to harness the performance and efficiency of KX for both existing and future time series and AI use cases.”

Data Intellect is a Platinum sponsor of the upcoming KX Con 23 event, the Data Timehouse Summit for time series & AI practitioners. It recently rebranded from its original AquaQ name to reflect the business’s ambitious growth goals and is a marker in the sand as it sets out to reach its objective to become a world leader in tackling complex data problems by providing full-service solutions to the financial services sector and other markets.

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