From AquaQ to Data Intellect

News 11 Aug 2023

Data Intellect

As AquaQ Analytics, we have been doing big things in the global financial services market for 12 years, whilst remaining relatively modest about our achievements. We are a local player operating on a global scale, working with some of the world’s leading financial services organisations.

We knew that what we had with AquaQ Analytics was strong at its core, but we felt that for our brand to work as hard as we do, our identity needed an overhaul. We are accelerating at pace in a data-driven market where problem solving is key and we want the world to know.

Our ambitions are clear for everyone to see; new jobs and global opportunities, expansion into new markets and plans underway to become a world leader in tackling complex data problems.

As Data Intellect, we can communicate so much more about who we are as a company; our values, our culture and our brilliant community. Through pragmatic advertising, social media, fresh content, events and all sorts of exciting collateral to tell our story to the world, we can show exactly what we do, and just how well we do it.

We are like-minded people, coming together in pursuit of collective goals. We work under a shared identity that engages our competitive spirit, provokes passion, loyalty and builds a tangible culture, of which we can all be proud.

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