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News Data Analytics & Engineering 20 Oct 2016

Data Intellect

We were discussing our launch party in NYC and were kicking around ideas of what to do before it.  Some of us wanted to go to the Metropolitan Museum of Art; some of us wanted to go for a long lunch and maybe a stroll through Central Park; some of us wanted to run a kdb+ Architecture Workshop.

KDB Architecture Workshop Whiteboard NYC

So here we are.  We will be running a free kdb+ Architecture Workshop in the W Downtown on Thursday 17th November 2016.  The workshop will cover all aspects of kdb+ market data capture system design, including

  • the basics of data capture
  • extending kdb+ tick and alternative strategies
  • scaling
  • throughput versus latency
  • removing the end-of-day outage
  • resilience
  • reducing load
  • authentication and permissions
  • supporting the system
  • questions and answers – please bring your problems!

The workshop will be run by Jamie Grant and Jonny Press, who have over 25 years combined experience building market data capture systems.  It is open to all kdb+ developers, system architects and managers.  It will commence at 3pm, and finish at 6pm, and include refreshments.  Please join us afterwards for our US Launch Party, also in the W Downtown, from 6pm until late.

Places are limited, if you would like to join us for either the workshop or party, please send an email to

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