AquaQ’s Online kdb+ Training and Enterprise Licence

News kdb+ 27 May 2020

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AquaQ Analytics continues to offer comprehensive Online kdb+ Training written and delivered by kdb+ experts. This training is designed to improve your kdb+ knowledge as a novice user or to take your q programming to the next level.

The online material for each course includes a series of instructional videos, downloadable slides, sample q code, and self-assessment questions. You can try our sample kdb+ Taster Course to get a feel for the online courses.

More info on the kdb+ training options can be found on AquaQ’s kdb+ Training website.

AquaQ also offers an Enterprise Training Licence for organisations who may wish to train more than one learner.

The Enterprise Licence allows access to an unlimited number of users in an organisation globally for the period of twelve months. AquaQ’s Training Support Team also provides support to all users throughout the twelve month period via email and telephone.

The enterprise licence contains functionality which allows a nominated supervisor to monitor and track users process throughout the online training course allowing them to measure engagement of the training tool and user’s success rate in each of the training modules.

In addition, users on the Enterprise Licence will also have access to our kdb+ Challenge Hub which consists of logical and problem solving challenges. These challenges are not language specific, so users who come from a programming background can try them in any language. You can even join a leader-board and compete with others within your organisation.

To learn more about our Enterprise rates for our online kdb+ training course, please reach out to us directly at:

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