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News kdb+ 28 Nov 2015

Data Intellect

We’ve been working hard on enhancements to our online kdb+ training site.  We’ve extended the functionality and added new training modules following feedback from customers.  You can also request new features and we just might add them!

Quick Reference Video Links

Everyone loves this one!  Most of our individual units cover several q operators- if they didn’t then the course would be way too granular, and some context would be lost.  We’ve added quick reference video links to allow users to jump to the description of a specific bit of functionality, meaning the site can be used more easily as an on-going reference.


Not sure why we didn’t do this first time…

Management Overview Screens

For customers who purchase multiple courses for different members of staff we provide management overview screens.   This allows management oversight of how people are progressing on the course- whether it is being actively used, the quiz scores achieved etc.

Exclusive Content for Enterprise Customers

For Enterprise customers (site wide licence, unlimited access) we have two additional modules available.  These focus on kdb+ Tick set up and extensions, and some further developer focussed topics.

Additional Units

Additional Units

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