AquaQ Analytics and Pegasus Partner to provide Client Value

News Data Analytics & Engineering 18 Dec 2020

Jamie Grant

Capital markets relies on massive data sets that are exponentially growing and moving faster. The key to making use of the data to create information is through smart analytics, delivered in a cost effective and modular way. AquaQ Analytics and Pegasus Enterprise Solutions are teaming together to provide dynamic, cost effective access to your data that will yield tremendous insights quickly.

Effective analytics needs data that is collected over time. One of the most widely used time series databases in capital markets is Kx’s kdb+ which is renowned for its ability to store and analyze huge volumes of data very quickly.

The current Kx kdb+ interface the primary source of data, the Thomson Reuters Enterprise Platform (TREP), is SSL4, which is long past its End of Life date and non-performant. Pegasus has built the market leading Kx kdb+ adapter that delivers turnkey integration of Kx kdb+ to the leading data platforms used in capital markets and important direct data solutions such as TP ICAP’s SURFIX data feed.

Consumers of data are increasingly seeking to source their data directly from the source to obtain the newest data offerings when they are available not many months later when the data vendors deliver the data.
This easy to use, and high-performance interface will enable users to consume and publish data eliminating unneeded overheads and lowering ongoing costs of operation. Getting the data expeditiously and efficiently enables the focus to become on insight and differentiation.

AquaQ Analytics TorQ framework is the market leading Kx kdb+ production framework in use by many leading investment banks and hedge funds, including tier one firms.

Fully open sourced under the MIT license, it is continually updated to take advantage of new features of Kx kdb+ 4.0 and beyond.

Out of the box, TorQ provides the ability to stripe and mirror data collection and storage across multiple machines for increased performance and redundancy, as well as providing integration with monitoring tools such as Datadog and visualization via Grafana.

In addition to the base features of TorQ, the TorQ Pegusus pack provides preconfigured schema for all the message types supported by the Pegusus Kx kdb+ adaptor to allow users to begin populating their Kx kdb+ database within minutes or hours rather than days.

The pack also includes the ability to generate and store derived data in real time based on the incoming market data. General analytics such as HLOC bars are included, and these can be easily modified or extended by the user, and new ones added with a few lines of q code.

Together, AquaQ Analytics and Pegasus Enterprise Solutions provide a powerful solution that removes obsolete, non-performing API risks, reduces your cost of operation, and delivers the most effective analytics environment for you to accelerate obtaining insight from your data.

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