The Road So Far (TorQ RM 2018)

Blog Data Analytics & Engineering 13 Feb 2018

Stephen McDonald

With 2018 well and truly underway, our development team has set off on a journey along the 2018 TorQ Roadmap. We previously posted a compilation of requested features and desired improvements for our TorQ framework, which has provided us with a range of mini-projects to take on.

We are keen on receiving prioritisation requests, if a feature on the roadmap is of particular interest to you then let us know! The development team is quickly racing through what is left on the roadmap. Suggestions for new additions are welcome.

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TorQ Updates

Our first progress update of 2018 comes in the form of TorQ v3.2.0 and TorQ Finance Starter Pack v1.5.0. The most recent TorQ release package provides some new features in the form of:

One of the key additions to this update has been the dependency checker, this is to ensure packages are running on the correct minimum version of TorQ.  The other aspect of this feature is a check for kdb+ dependencies, some of our custom packages rely on functions added in recent kdb+ releases. As the base TorQ package is updated with these new features, our custom packages that run on top of it are updated to ensure there are no conflicts between new versions.  The dependency checking mechanism can be extended to implement any dependencies.

TorQ Finance Starter Package Updates

Our TorQ Finance Starter Package has been integrated with the latest TorQ release, as have all our custom packages that sit on top of the base TorQ framework.  The TorQ Finance Starter Pack, recently released as version 1.5.0, included the IEX data capture application. The updated package requests live market trade and quote data, kindly provided by IEX, alongside the dummy data already provided in previous versions.

Fully customisable variables, such as frequency of requests and instruments to collect data for are integrated into the TorQ framework. The IEX data capture application can also be used as a standalone feedhandler. More information on the IEX feedhandler can be found on github and on our recent Google Groups post.

Significant progress has been made against our 2018 roadmap and we aim to push on with frequent updates throughout the year! If you have questions about TorQ and the custom packages we offer then please contact us via

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