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Blog kdb+ 17 Aug 2018

Data Intellect

We’ve made some big changes and additions to our online kdb+ training site. We’ve been using it internally for some time now, but it’s time to release it to the world! We feel the changes extend the reach of the training site to be a useful tool for both new and experienced kdb+ developers and support personnel.

Challenge Site

We find that people learn best when it’s fun, and sometimes a bit of competition helps too. At AquaQ we use Challenges extensively to inspire our people learning kdb+. A Challenge is a relevant brain teasing programming task and allows the less experienced people to push the boundaries of their knowledge, and the more experienced people to show off.

The Challenge site extension to our online training offering is available to our Enterprise customers, and includes intra-company leaderboards to see who’s really the king or queen of programming. Challenges are programming language agnostic- participants can use their tool of choice, be it q, Python, R, Java or whatever.  The Challenge site is being launched with 20 Challenges, and a new one will be added every three weeks. A sample challenge is below, you can get the sample input here.

Online kdb+ Training Challenge

New Content

We’ve added new content and will be rolling additions out over the coming months. The first set of new content is concerned with fixing broken on-disk databases (the bane of many people’s lives). We’ve put together several worked examples of different ways we have seen database structure be broken in the past, from the common to the not-so-common. The content we will add over the coming months is:

  • Using the Debugger released in kdb+ 3.5
  • Extended Data Loader examples – a worked example of parsing ITCH files
  • Functionality changes between versions of kdb+ with worked examples

As always, we are open to suggestions of what we can add or expand to improve our coverage.

New Training Experience

The main training view has been updated with better embedded quizzes, improved use of screen estate and integrated support- allowing trainees to more easily contact us directly with questions.

New kdb+ Training Experience

Improved Look and Feel

The whole site is rebuilt from scratch. It looks and works better across all platforms: desktop, tablet and mobile.

Better Group Management for the Enterprise

We have enhanced group management and improved progress tracking for our Enterprise customers, making it easier to see how every employee is progressing through the course.


We hope you like it.  We welcome any and all feedback.  You can find the site at  If you would like to discuss individual sales or Enterprise options please contact our sales team.  And remember, we do classroom based training too!

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