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Blog kdb+ 19 Jan 2022

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AquaQ is pleased to preview an upcoming release of a new product. AquaQ have developed a new Grafana 8.0 kdb+ backend plugin.

This plugin has been developed using  The plugin offers the capability for table and time series visualisation of queried data along with support for Grafana variables, enhanced TLS security, query capability, native support for Grafana’s alerting framework and increased stability for multi-users.

Alerting use cases offered by AquaQ using Grafana v8.0 include,

  • Alerting on single or several panels using multiple queries in one dashboard.
  • Alerting across multiple backend databases.
  • Grafana’s native alert notification (email, Teams, Slack etc).

Below is the demo video of the plugin.

The plugin implemented focuses on retrieval and visualization of data from a single kdb+ server endpoint accessible via the Grafana API.   

The following requirements were met in building out the Grafana kdb+ backend plugin.

  • Provide secure login to backend via TLS. 
  • TLS now supports custom certificates and CA certificates.
  • Provide capability to leverage Grafana alerting templates for rules, groups and silencing.
  • Provide capability to provide notification of alerts to staff using Teams, email, slack and other collaboration tools as required.
  • Provide timeout on database connections (configurable for larger queries). 
  • Provide support to use variables in queries for end users.
  • Provide capability to provide a plug-in as a containerized solution.

A signed plugin will shortly be available through the Grafana Store.

If you would like to discuss any kdb+ visualisation project, you can contact us:

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