12 signs you need our kdb+ Maturity Matrix

Blog ARK 28 Feb 2023

Data Intellect

At Data Intellect we often are tasked with providing independent insight into our clients’ kdb+ architecture which usually results with our ARK (Architecture Review of kdb+), but until now we have not talked about our “secret sauce”.

The ARK involves us having a number of our Subject Matter Experts understand and independently analyse a kdb+ system with a view to looking at identifying potential issues and opportunities for improvements. We can investigate it both from the current and future expectations on the application by its users.

In order to do this assessment, we utilize our kdb+ maturity matrix which allows us to score applications based on 12 key areas we see as being critical to understanding the system maturity. Each of these 12 areas, along with their associative characteristics, are represented on a 5-point scale, with 5 representing “fully mature”. Our clients will receive their scoring with an overall “out of 60” result.

Each client receives this scoring in addition to providing the detailed justification behind it, before presenting a series of tasks that could be performed in order to reach higher maturity. We even provide task estimates and prioritisation using the MoSCoW rating system.

Our clients can then take this ARK Document as a rubber stamp on their systems maturity from Data Intellect and can either look to implement the proposals themselves or leverage our experts to deliver this on their behalf.

Interest in our ARK is growing and if you would like your application to be reviewed please reach out to info@dataintellect.com


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