There’s a shortage of kdb+ knowledge sharing and discussion in the capital markets and finance technology industry. We’d like to change that. We’re inviting professionals who lead kdb+ programmes or make kdb+ work for their business to private KX Advisory Session. Hosted by Jonny Press and Gary Davies - two guys with decades of combined kdb+ experience, independent KX perspectives.

Jonny Press - Chief Technology Officer

Jonny Press
Jonny has specialised in building data capture and analysis systems with KX technology since 2004. He has helped design, develop and deliver a range of platforms to banks, regulators, exhanges and hedge funds around the world. Full Bio

Gary Davies - Head of Time Series Data

Gary Davies Image
Through leading kdb+ at Citibank Eq and being Head of Time Series at DI, Gary has gained deep kdb+ knowledge over the last decade. Gary has worked advising, designing & developing apps to solve problems across capital markets. Full Bio
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KX: kdb.ai

What does kdb.ai mean for your industry? How can you prepare now and for the future, to optimise kdb.ai capabilities? We'll bring perspectives to the table on what this might mean for your organisation.
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AWS Finspace-Azure-GCP

If moving to the cloud is part of you 2024 strategy, hear what approaches are working, what trends are emerging, and how to make AWS Finspace and other cloud initiatives work for your business.
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TorQ kdb+ Framework

If you at the start of your KX/kdb+ journey, tapping into a kdb+ framework with common utilities could save you 6 months of build time. Find out how this could work for you. Its fully open-source!
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Day-to-day kdb+ Management

Managing kdb+ day-to-day, (eg. global application support) can be resource intensive and painfully costly. How do you strike the right balance focussing high-cost, highly experienced kdb+ experts on the right elements of your initiative.
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Architecture Modernisation

Whether you're trying to modernise your legacy system or an estate that has inherent challenges, it's likely Jonny and Gary have been there too. Put your challenges to them and discuss smart ways forward.
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Independent Technology Advice & Experience

Jonny and Gary have been immersed in kdb+ for decades. From leading, designing, building and fixing - they've built a wealth of experience and independent perspectives to tap into.


Open to you and any interested professionals in your organisation, you'll join Jonny and Gary for a 30-minute virtual session.

We'll invite you to propose specific topics you'd like covered in advance and will open the floor to allow you to post questions on the day.